down-paymentIncreasing the value of your home through improvements is a critical component of a successful home sale. From simple cosmetic changes to a major kitchen upgrade, lots can be done depending on one’s budget.

That’s why this recent article, from the good folks over at, is such a solid resource. It offers an array of home improvements that increase home value, all broken down by budget-size. Looking for upgrades under $100? A fresh paint job will do the job, or even better, HGTV recommends spending that benjamin on an interior designer to consult on the best way to get your home looking its finest. They can provide lots of broad improvement ideas for your home, to even suggesting something as simple as the best paint choice for your house.

HGTV goes on to note that a high-value bathroom upgrade could be done for less than $400. As the article notes, “small bathroom update equal a big return.” Small, but valuable upgrades include things like replacing dated wallpaper and changing out the old lighting. These can be done for a small investment, but will make a big difference.

HGTV provides readers a rather exhaustive list of potential improvements, 30 in all, including a few innovative ideas you may not have considered. There are no shortage of these type articles on the Web, but if you’re selling a home anytime soon this one is probably well worth a book mark.