home design trends

(Credit: Zillow Digs)

A new year typically means new trends in home design. 2017 is no different. The good folks over at the real estate Web site Zillow recently tackled this very subject. It listed an array of “hottest trends” in home design for the new year, ranging from the use of velvet to marble surfaces. Let’s take a closer look.

Zillow noted home design in 2016 was largely defined by metallics, such as copper and rose gold. But in 2017, home design will veer in another direction. In an article titled “3 Fresh Home Design Looks for the New Year,” Zillow proclaimed velvet, denim and stripes as the hottest trends of the new year.

Let’s start with velvet. Zillow notes that velvet has periodically had a surge in popularity over the decades. It’s now back in fashion. Velvet is being used on all types of furniture pieces, from ottomans to dining room chairs. According to Zillow, the trick is not to overdo the use of velvet.

“This trend is all about adding just the right amount of ‘ooh la la’ to any space, without diving too deep into luxury,” Zillow writes.

Next, is denim. Zillow said “the design world is falling for denim fabrics, motifs and patterns for home interiors.” Much like with velvet, denim can be used on ottomons, bed linens, area rugs, etc. Zillow called this a “simple but sophisticated take on everyone’s favorite fabric.”

Finally, stripes are also “in” in 2017. Stripes are commonly used as neutral design element that serves as an anchor to any space. However, stripes are taking a bigger role this year “as a statement-maker all their own.”

Consider adding bold stripes from anything to a wingback chair to new wallpaper design. Zillow notes stripes can be worked into any space, from the uber-mordern to the more traditional.

Here are some other home design trends for 2017:

  • Jewel colors (specifically emerald green, sapphire blue)
  • Marble Surfaces
  • Built-in Bars

And those home design trends to ditch in 2017:

  • Overly Industrial Furniture
  • Cool Grays
  • Quote Art

So there you have it. The latest in home design trends. Time to get to work.