Charlotte Bonano


“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

-William Morris

That calming quiet. The bliss of being home.

Charlotte Bonano, sixth generation Austinite and licensed real estate agent in both California and the Lone Star State, is the answer to your finding that calm, the bliss of being home.

Call her Austin savvy and Silicon Valley connected. Charlotte Bonano is committed to fulfilling her clients’ dreams. The quest for the perfect place to rest your head, raise your family, conquer the greater world, and then come home to the warmth of a well-placed blanket, soothing candles, and the scent of good things simmering in the kitchen; the comfort – and bliss – of being home.

Part of a powerhouse team with 15+ years of experience, Charlotte Bonano joined Keller Williams Bay Area Estates in March. As part of Kelley Solberg Real Estate’s team, Charlotte has an eagle’s eye view of the Bay Area’s residential and luxury real estate market. She knows what it takes to turn a house into a home, a place of comfort and magnificence. It was in the Austin, Texas markets served by Wilshire Homes that Charlotte first realized her potential in creating, curating and building houses that would indeed become true homes to real individuals and families. She pursued her career in design and development as a vice president and principal with the Valencia Group in Houston, Texas and owner of LilaRoss Design, a residential interior design firm, working on projects both big and small.

Charlotte serves her community through organizations such as Golden Retriever Rescue, Junior League of San Jose and Sacred Heart.

As part of the Keller Williams Bay Area Estates and Kelley Solberg Real Estate team, Charlotte Bonano is your answer – Your key.

DRE# 01984018