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Elevate Your Home Sale in Campbell

Strategic Expertise and Genuine Care With over 20 years immersed in Real Estate, I've crafted a reputation for offering unparalleled service to home sellers in Campbell. As an esteemed partner in KW's renowned establishments, my unique blend of market acumen, dedication, and attention to detail positions your property for optimal visibility and value. Emerging from [...]

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The Real Estate 90 Day Curve

  The real estate market is always a hot conversation topic, especially when we see change. You may be surprised by the opportunities that present themselves when we track specific market trends. Take a look at this short video to hear which indicators we track and why.

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Hidden In Plain Sight! & Spring Cleaning Resources

  Last month I touched base on the "members only" listing category that keeps nearly a quarter of available homes from public view.   There are currently 550+ listings with an additional nearly 200 on members only status as of today! This listing strategy is providing new opportunities for buyers and sellers. Let's connect about how these strategies are working for [...]

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3 Ways That You Can Leverage Mortgage Financing to Build a Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Real estate may be one of the most important things that you will ever invest in, but it can also be a useful means of increasing your financial well-being. If you're getting into the real estate game and are wondering how you can make use of investing in homes to improve your net worth, here [...]

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